AIOU MA Islamic Studies Solved Assignments – Spring 2022

AIOU MA Islamic Studies Solved Assignments – Spring 2022

Assalam-O-Aliakum! At This Page You Can Get Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad MA Islamic Studies Class Solved Assignments of Spring 2022. You Can Download Solved Assignments of Spring 2022 From the Available Link at Down Below.

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How To Download Aiou Solved Assignment Autumn & Spring 2022-23?

The idea to make and Develop a separate page for the AIOU Solved assignment 2022 was taken from aiou old papers. We make this section understandable by a normal user. This Section will automatically be updated as the aiou semester changes from autumn to spring. The assignment will automatically be added for the spring semester when aiou ask for spring solved assignments or autumn solved assignments. Hope you all will enjoy this new section for the assignment. If you are facing any problems, then feel free to comment below. Great News It’s Ready for aiou 2022 solved assignments.

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MA Islamic Studies 1st Semester
CodeBook No-1N0-2
4611Usool Tafsir and History of Tafsir pdfpdf 
Study of Quran Hakim  
4621Usool, History of Hadith hand Textual Study  pdf
4622Textual Study of Hadith pdf pdf
MA Islamic Studies 2nd Semester
Islamic History – I  
4602Islamic History – II PDF   PDF
4631Study of Fiqh PDF   PDF
4632Study of Texts of Islamic Fiqh  
4639Arabic Language and Literature   PDF   PDF
4640Arabic Language and Literature   PDF   PDF
MA Islamic Studies 3rd Semester
Ulum-al-Quran – I  
4614Ulum-al-Quran – II  
4615Evolution of Tafseer – I  
4616Evolution of Tafseer – II  
4617Fiqh al Quran – I  
4618Fiqh al Quran – II  
4633Introduction Of Islamic Sharia  
4635Procedural Law of Islam  
4636Wasail-e-Isbat and Ehtisab in Islamic Law  
4637Criminal Law of Islam (Crimes and Hudood)  
4638Islamic Law of Qasas, Diat & Tazirat  
4596Islamic Law Zakat-O- Ashar  
4623Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – I  
4624Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – II  
4625History of Hadith Literature – I  
4626History of Hadith Literature – II  
4627Textual Study of Hadith – I  
4628Textual Study of Hadith – II  
4629Islamic Social and Political System  
4631Research Methodology  
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