Mathematics Books, PPSC Lecturer Mathematics Past Papers and PPSC Lecturer Mathematics Interview Questions

“The Princeton Companion to Mathematics” by Timothy Gowers et al.
“A Mathematician’s Apology” by G.H. Hardy.
“How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method” by George Pólya.
“Introduction to the Theory of Computation” by Michael Sipser.
“Linear Algebra Done Right” by Sheldon Axler.
“Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science” by Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, and Oren Patashnik.
“A Course in Probability Theory” by Kai Lai Chung.
“The Art of Computer Programming” by Donald E. Knuth.
“Number Theory: An Introduction to Mathematics” by W.A. Coppel.
“Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis” by John A. Rice.
“Principles of Mathematical Analysis” by Walter Rudin.
“Topology” by James R. Munkres.

  1. PPSC Official Website: Visit the official website of the Punjab Public Service Commission. They may provide access to past papers or sample questions for different exams, including the Lecturer Mathematics exam. Look for the “Past Papers” or “Sample Papers” section on their website.
  2. Online Forums and Websites: Explore various online forums, websites, or educational platforms where candidates discuss their experiences and share resources. You may find individuals who have taken the PPSC Lecturer Mathematics exam and are willing to share past papers or provide guidance.
  3. Libraries and Bookstores: Check local libraries or bookstores for any books or study guides specifically designed for the PPSC Lecturer Mathematics exam. These resources may include past papers or practice questions to help you prepare.
  4. Contacting Previous Candidates: If you know anyone who has previously taken the PPSC Lecturer Mathematics exam, try reaching out to them for assistance. They might have access to past papers or can provide insights into the exam structure and content.

Remember, it’s important to use past papers as study aids and practice materials, but don’t rely solely on them for exam preparation. It’s essential to understand the underlying concepts, theories, and problem-solving techniques to perform well in the exam. Good luck with your preparations!



PPSC Lecturer Mathematics Past Papers

Year Download Below Link
2011 Click Here
2015 Click Here
2017 Click Here
2020 Click Here

PPSC Lecturer Mathematics Interview Questions

Download From The Front LinkClick Here

Mathematics Books

Writer NameDownload Below Link
Calculus-with-Analytic-Geometry-by-S-M-Yusuf-Solved-NotesClick Here
Thomas calculus 13th editionClick Here
Thomas-solutions 12th edition Click Here
Thomas’ Calculus-Pearson (2017)14th editionClick Here
Mathematical Methods book-By-SM-YousifClick Here
Mathematical-Methods-Solution-Manual-By-SM-Yousif Click Here
Solution Manual FOr combinators-1 Click Here
combinatoric book Click Here
Integral Equation with solution mannual by ZR bhatti_compressed Click Here
Integral Calculus for IIT JEE Main and Advanced Vinay Kumar VKR Classes Kota by Vinay Kumar VKR Classes Kota ( Click Here
[Abdul-Majid-Wazwaz]-A-First-Course-in-Integral-Eq( Click Here
Linear Algebra by ZR bhatti_compressed Click Here
Golden Quastion Misbah Khalid[23-8-2013]-1 Click Here
Ap singh Group Click Here
Topology by ZR bhattiClick Here
Solution of Topology by ZR bhatti_compressed Click Here
Topology and Funtional Analysis By Dr Abdul Majeed Click Here
Colin Adams, Robert Franzosa-Introduction to Topology_ Pure and Applied-Prentic Hall (2007) Click Here
D. S. Malik, John M. Mordeson, M. K. Sen – Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra-Mcgraw-Hill College (1996) Click Here
Complex Analysis By Zill Click Here
wilson graph theory Click Here
[Robin_J._Wilson]_Introduction_to_Graph_Theory,_Fo(BookFi) Click Here
[Jin_Akiyama,_Mikio_Kano]_Factors_and_Factorizatio(BookFi) Click Here
[Vitaly_I._Voloshin]_Introduction_to_Graph_Theory(BookFi)Click Here
Carvan Mcqs Mathematic (lectureship) Click Here
Shahbaz book MCQs Mathematic (lectureship) Click Here
Complex-Analysis-by-Dinis-zill-1-1-1 Click Here
Theory of Groups by Abdul Majeed Click Here
Group Theory by ZR bhattiClick Here
Student Solutions Manual for Complex Variables and Applications, Seventh Edition by J.W. Brown and R.V. Churchill ( Click Here
Shanker_G._Rao_Numerical_analysis__2006 Click Here
Solutions_MAnual_for_A_first_course_in_Numarical Analysis By SA BhattiClick Here
Numarical Analysis By SA BhattiClick Here
vector and.tensor by nwazesh aliClick Here
Dennis G. Zill, Michael R. Cullen – Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems-Cengage Learning (2008)Click Here
fluid by nawazish ali shahClick Here
Functional Analysis by ZR bhatti Click Here
Theoretical Mechanic by Khalid latif Click Here
Mechanics by Q K GHORI Click Here
Numerical Analysis by Dr Amjad Ali (BZU Mul)_ Click Here
Alaca S., Williams K. S. – Introductory Algebraic Number Theory (2003) Click Here
solution of real analysis by bartle Click Here
Introduction to STATISTICAL THEORY BSc Part-1 By Prof Sher Muhammad Choudhry and Prof. Dr. Shahid Kamal Click Here
solution of introduction to pure and applied topology by colin adams Click Here
SpiegelM.R.Schaum_sOutlineofVectorAnalysisMGH1968ISBN007060228XT234s Click Here
Topology book by Dr. Basher Click Here
Advanced set thoery by Dr Noman khalidClick Here
Kreyszig – Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications Click Here
Math Basics MCQs For EducatorsClick Here

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